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With a floor area of nearly 100 mu (‘mu’ is an area unit equivalent to 666.67 square meters) and a construction area of 86,000 square meters, Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center is a modern large-scale intelligent exhibition venue integrating exhibition, conference, office, trade, leisure and entertainment. The exhibition section is 65,090 square meters in terms of construction area, while the conference section is 9,592 square meters of construction area.

“Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center” boasts modern office facilities and a professional exhibition team with extensive contacts and efficient information channels. The company takes "learning, hard work, transcendence; co-creation, mutual advancement, sharing" as the management philosophy, and "exploration and innovation, information sharing, honest service, and promotion of communication" as its management tenet, based on the needs of customers and paying attention to the success of customers.

Business Scope: organization of professional exhibitions, organization of large- and medium-sized conferences, venue and advertising rental, advertising design and production.


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